Megan Lewis-Moseley

Megan Leah Moseley, a Lawrence native, has been an Attorney with SLLN since 2010 and a Partner since 2016. Ms. Moseley is a 2008 graduate from the University of Kansas School of Law and a 2003 graduate of Truman State University with degrees in Political Science and Spanish. Prior to accepting employment with SLLN, Ms. Moseley was a Clerk with the Kansas Appellate Courts. Before law school, Ms. Moseley served as an AmeriCorps V.I.S.T.A. member in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico where she assisted in grant-writing and the administration of programs related to homeless persons. Ms. Moseley has a long-term passion for volunteer work.

At SLLN, Ms. Moseley primarily practices in the administrative, healthcare, business-entity, and employment arenas. Ms. Moseley undertakes both transactional and litigation-related issues. She has a strong passion for defending healthcare providers before regulatory and licensing agencies. Ms. Moseley is currently licensed to practice in the State and federal courts of Kansas and Missouri.

Through her extensive experience with institutional clients, Ms. Moseley understands that such clients are interested in self-sustainability, the efficient use of resources, and the implementation of practical solutions. Through this process, Ms. Moseley helps her clients identify the advantages and disadvantages of policy decisions with the hope that such advice will permit the organization to make the best decision for itself. Upon the client’s election of a policy or decision, Ms. Moseley works with the organization to implement the policy within the full confines of the law; and to foresee and resolve any consequences of the policy’s (or decision’s) implementation. In doing this over time, Ms. Moseley tries to build a relationship of trust with her clients in order to enhance their level of comfort and confidence with their own decisions.