Practice Areas

Simpson, Logback, Lynch & Norris is a full service firm that represents clients in a wide variety of practice areas.

Please select the area that fits your needs and learn which attorney can deliver the best service and legal representation for you.

Administrative Law

Government regulation is a common area of litigation in today’s legal world. Employment claims, zoning issues, professional licensure, tax appeals and other contested issues may all involve some aspect of administrative law. SLLN has vast experience in a number of areas of administrative law before federal, state and municipal government entities.

Banking & Secured Transactions

SLLN maintains a busy legal practice in matters concerning commercial loans, Article 2 of the U.C.C., security agreements, mortgage loans, asset foreclosures and bankruptcy.


Bankruptcy is an extremely common, yet ever-changing legal area. SLLN has kept pace. SLLN’s attorneys are experts in the areas of debt collection, insolvency and the protections and risks that concern any individual or business dealing with bankruptcy.

Corporate and Business Law

SLLN represents a number of small and large business clients, including real estate companies, banks and hospitals, among others. SLLN regularly provides legal services related to the formation of contracts, purchases, corporate formation and maintenance, and other related business issues, and strives to help its business clients continue to grow.

Creditor/Debtor Rights and Mechanic's Liens

SLLN represents a large number of business creditors collect the debts owed to them, regardless of the size and nature of the debt. We employee a team of trained professionals who assist in collecting on unpaid bills and invoices so that our clients’ need are met in the quickest and most efficient manner possible. Our attorneys are also experts in the complex and contentious field of mechanic’s liens representing a number of small and large contractors and miscellaneous service providers throughout the Midwest.

Civil Litigation

SLLN attorneys are well known for their success in the field of general civil litigation. Representing clients in all areas of civil litigation from torts, contracts, environmental, health care, product liability, employment, construction, civil rights, and corporate disputes for both plaintiffs and defendants, SLLN takes an aggressive — yet realistic — approach to litigation.

Construction Litigation

SLLN represents clients involved in all aspects of the construction industry including general owners, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and developers regarding all types of issues. These include breach of contract, personal injury, torts, and environmental and mold litigation . SLLN attorneys have the knowledge and experience to handle any construction litigation, whether in a court of law or before an arbitrator.

Corporate Litigation

SLLN attorneys strive to keep their business clients out of litigation. However, there are times when litigation is necessary. SLLN handles litigation involving complex accounting, tax, and contract issues. SLLN has the experience and expertise to provide its business clients as much success in the courtroom as they enjoy outside the courtroom.

Employment Law and Litigation

Some of the most common issues are those relate to employment. SLLN provides complete in depth advice to all its business clients regarding the management of their employees for the purpose of preventing future litigation. SLLN is also regularly involved in complex employment litigation representing claims on behalf of both employees and employers.

Family Law and Domestic Relations

SLLN represents a individuals and families in all matters of family law and domestic relations, including divorces, annulments, guardianships, child custody and parenting-time matters, child support issues, as well as paternity, guardianship, and adoption cases.

Government and Civil Rights Law and Litigation

Simpson, Logback, Lynch & Norris has a long history of representing public entities of all types, both small and large. We understand that the representation of the public sector can encompass many different types of practical and political issues, and we are well prepared to handle all of them. From employment disputes, contracts and eminent domain, to disputes regarding construction, and claims of civil rights violations and general negligence, Simpson, Logback, Lynch & Norris has the experience necessary to represent your organization to the fullest extent as general, special or litigation counsel.

Health Care Law

The requirements placed upon hospitals and health care providers are very complex and always changing. As a result, expertise in health care law is crucial. SLLN attorneys are respected as some of the most knowledgeable in the region regarding health care issues. SLLN is devoted to advising clients on corporate health care matters, such as preventing Medicare fraud and abuse, the HIPAA privacy rules, and the Emergency Medical Transfer and Leave Act. SLLN attorneys work regularly with executives of hospitals, community mental health centers, nursing homes, ambulatory surgical centers and physicians groups throughout the Midwest.

Insurance Defense

Our firm has historically had a strong relationship with a multitude of insurance companies, and established one of the premier insurance defense practices in the region. Our attorneys provide a variety of services to insurance companies and their insureds, including representation in coverage disputes, assistance with insurance fraud claims, subrogation and recovery, as well as representation of all our insurance company clients’ insureds for any type of claim made against them.

Medical Malpractice Litigation

Simpson, Logback, Lynch & Norris is one of the preeminent medical malpractice defense firms in the Midwest United States. Our experience in defending cases involving allegations of wrongful death, survival, and general medical negligence is second to none. Our attorneys have both the medical and legal background necessary to provide the best possible defense for physicians, nurses, hospitals, surgicenters, nursing homes and any other type of health care or assisted living provider in Kansas, Missouri or Nebraska.

Probate and Trust Administration

We represent our clients’ interests in probate, estate and trust administration with the purpose of offering the utmost protection of one’s assets while making the administration of an estate as simple and cost effective as possible.

Professional Negligence and Licensure Litigation and Compliance

Our attorneys are well-experienced in representing professionals before the various state and other professional licensing boards, including those for physicians, nurses, attorneys, engineers, accountants, banking professionals, etc. We represent licensed professionals before their respective governing boards or agencies and have significant experience in regulatory and legal compliance before those same boards.

Real Estate Law

Real estate development and acquisition is an important part of many of our clients’ success. As a result, Simpson, Logback, Lynch & Norris works with investors, developers, banks, and governmental institutions in a broad range of real estate transactions including acquisition, taxation, leasing, title issues and litigation.

Zoning, Planning and Land Use Law

Simpson, Logback, Lynch & Norris’s attorneys are well versed in the issues concerning land use development, planning and design. We have a long history of representation in this area. Further, SLLN’s understanding of the practical and political impact of zoning ordinances and municipal planning is essential in this area.